Online Psalms Concert – Singalong


Singalong bundle for Greg’s online Psalms Concert, April 3, 2022.

You can watch the concert here:

Includes the following leadsheets:

  • Psalm 132: O Savior, Come
  • Psalm 42/43: As the Deer
  • Psalm 8: How Often in the Deep of Night (with Linda Bonney Olin)
  • Psalm 69: Have Pity, My God (with David Diephouse)
  • Psalm 20: Blessing (with Kate Bluett)
  • Psalm 23: God Is Our Shepherd (with Michael Morgan)
  • Psalm 7: Arise! – Isaac Watts
  • Psalm 146: Praise the Lord! (with Charles Freeman)
  • Psalm 77: We Will Remember (with Travis Ham)
  • Psalm 44: For Your Mercy’s Sake (with Tammy Moody)
  • Psalm 135: I Know the Lord Is Great! (with Hunter Lynch)
  • Psalm 18: I Love You, God My Lord (with Adam Carlill)
  • Psalm 62: Only God Can Save Me Now (with Doug Gay)
  • Psalm 9/10: Rise Up, O Lord! (with Naaman Wood)
  • Psalm 16: The Refuge of My Soul


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