Greg Scheer has composed over a thousand pieces of music in a dizzying variety of styles. Jeremy Begbie calls it “music that will disturb your imagination and delight your heart–a rare combination.”

Scheer’s sacred music appears in numerous hymnals and choral catalogs; over 300 of his Psalm settings, global worship song translations, choral anthems, and hymn arrangements are available at Scheer’s classical music has been commissioned by the Holland Symphony Orchestra, Baylor University, the Chagall String Quartet, the St. Cecilia Music Society, and others. Scheer’s symphonic rock group, The St. Sinner Orchestra, has released three albums; he also performs his original jazz with Outside Pocket.

Church Music

Greg is well-known for his sacred music, with congregational songs in numerous hymnals, dozens of choral anthems available from traditional and online publishers, settings of 75 Psalms, a hundred global song translations/editions, and arrangements for choir, orchestra, piano, and jazz ensemble. Many of these can be downloaded here by clicking on the “Music Catalog” tab.

Classical Music

Greg has composed for just about every ensemble: symphony orchestra, string quartet, brass quintet, choir, piano, cello septet, organ, and electronic compositions. He has received commissions from the Holland Symphony Orchestra, Baylor University, The Chagall String Quartet, the Calvin Community Orchestra, and many others.

Pop Music

Greg has written pop, rock, jazz, folk, and punk for years. Currently, he leads the St. Sinner Orchestra, described as “a grand fusion of classical and rock music” and “Eleanor Rigby’s favorite band.” You can visit St. Sinner’s website to learn more and listen to our music. Also online is Greg’s 2013 solo album Half the Man.

The Musical Diary of Greg Scheer

Greg’s music blog is where he posts all his latest musical creations: demos of news songs, live recordings, experiments, outtakes–anything he’s working on at the moment. Posts often include lyrics and the story behind the music. If you want to be the first to hear it, you need to subscribe to the Musical Diary of Greg Scheer.

Composer’s Bio

Greg Scheer has composed hundreds of pieces, songs, and arrangements in a dizzying variety of styles. His music is published by GIA, Augsburg Fortress, World Library Publications, Cardiphonia, and in numerous hymnals. He has been commissioned by the Holland Symphony Orchestra, Baylor University, the Calvin Community Orchestra, St. Cecilia Music Society, Iowa Choral Directors Association, Chagall String Quartet and Western Seminary. Greg’s “Psalm 40/Patiently” won the 2017 Church of the Servant New Psalm Contest. His string quartet “6” was a winning composition in the 2000 Southeastern Composers’ Symposium. His hymn “People of the Lord” won the Calvin09 hymn contest and was subsequently sung and published internationally.

Scheer is a member of BMI,, and CCLI. He holds degrees in composition/theory from the University of Pittsburgh and the University of Rhode Island.

Musical awards of a less official variety include winning the TopGolf Theme Contest with his song “Bring It On!”, having his march “We Are the Cougars” named the official fight song of Illinois Central College, winning the FramesDirect Robot Dance Song contest, earning third place in the National Speleological Society Cave Ballad contest, placing in the top 5 of the Celldweller “The Best It’s Gonna Get” remix contest, and enjoying $100 of pizza for his song and Lego animation “Google Me!”