Psalm Songs

PsalmSong TitleCCLI/OneLicense
Psalm 1Blessed Are They CCLI#6557762
Psalm 3I Shall Rest in PeaceCCLI #7084599
Psalm 4I Rest in YouCCLI #7084595
Psalm 5Hear My Words, O LordCCLI#5003994
Psalm 12I Will Now AriseCCLI #7084596
Psalm 16Refuge of My SoulCCLI #7084594
Psalm 19The Heavens Declare God’s Glory
Psalm 19:1-4The Heavens Tell the StoryCCLI#2762252
Psalm 23The King of LoveCCLI#4468107
There Is Nothing to Fear
Psalm 24Lift Up Your Heads, O You Gates!CCLI #7084597
Psalm 25Foothold (text by Debra Rienstra)CCLI #7084815
Psalm 27:4One ThingCCLI#4240239
Psalm 30Sing to God, That All May Hear You!CCLI#5003970
Psalm 33A Symphony of PraiseCCLI #7084524
Psalm 36:5-9Deeper than the Sea: congregation, choirCCLI#4769349
Psalm 40I Will Wait Upon the LordCCLI#1276227
Psalm 42(two sopranos and mixed ensemble)
Psalm 42-43As the Deer: congregation, choirCCLI#1276155
Psalm 46The Lord of All Is with Us
O Lord of All, You are Our HomeCCLI #7084522
Psalm 47Clap Your HandsCCLI#6440006
Psalm 48A City on a HillCCLI#1609337
Psalm 52Why Do You Boast?CCLI#6441919
Psalm 55Oh, That I Had Wings
Psalm 61Lead Me to the RockCCLI#4448897
Psalm 67Let All the Peoples Praise You!
Psalm 78:1-7People of the LordCCLI#4770084
Psalm 80O Faithful Shepherd (text by David Diephouse)CCLI#6441861
Restore Us, O God! (text by Naaman Wood)
Psalm 81Sing to God Our StrengthCCLI#5634473
Psalm 82Gathered in the Judgment Hall
Psalm 84Blessed Beyond Measure
There Where the Judges GatherCCLI#6446983
Psalm 96A New Song
Psalm 98Sing to the Lord a New SongCCLI#1276399
Psalm 100Shout for JoyCCLI#6442891
Psalm 103My Soul Will Glorify the LordCCLI#1276272
From the Dust You Shall Raise Us UpCCLI#6442781
Bless the Lord, O My Soul! (commissioned by Western Seminary)
Psalm 104We Praise You, O Lord (text by Doug Gay)
Psalm 105Give Thanks to the Lord
Psalm 107Thanks Be to God Our SaviorCCLI#6443429
Psalm 113From the Rising of the Sun (from Everlasting to Everlasting)CCLI#6557731
Cantata for SAB, organ and brass, including the movements From There (Psalm 113:3) and Those He Finds in Need (Psalm 113:7-8)
Psalm 114Tremble before the Lord (from Everlasting to Everlasting)CCLI#6557724
The Hills and Mountains TrembleCCLI#5634459
Psalm 115For the Glory of Your Name (from Everlasting to Everlasting)CCLI#6557645
Not To Us, O LordCCLI#6557700
Psalm 116Be At Rest, Once More, O My Soul (from Everlasting to Everlasting)CCLI#6557669
The Land of the Living
Psalm 117All You Nations (from Everlasting to Everlasting)CCLI#6557652
Psalm 118Everlasting to Everlasting (from Everlasting to Everlasting)CCLI#6557638
This Is the Day!
Give Thanks to the Lord
Psalm 121My KeeperCCLI#2929260
Psalm 124If The Lord Had Not Been on Our Side (GIA)
If God Had Not Been on Our Side
Psalm 125Those Who Trust in the Lord Shall Abide
Psalm 126Bring Back Our Captives
Psalm 127Rest in the LordCCLI#5003987
Psalm 132O Savior, Come/Arise, O King of Grace Arise (text by Isaac Watts)CCLI#6443405
Psalm 133How Very Good (with Barbara Boertje)
How Good It is (with Prasad Rai)CCLI#6442798
What Wondrous Joy (with Michael Morgan)
Psalm 134Come, You People of the LordCCLI#6441847
Psalm 137So Far from Home
Psalm 139Where Can I Run from Your Spirit?
Psalm 142I Cry Aloud to the Lord
Psalm 145:1-7One Generation Will Call to the NextCCLI#4769466
My Mouth Will Speak the Praise of the Lord
Psalm 148Creation’s ChorusCCLI#3276352
Psalm 149Let God’s People Sing a New Song
Psalm 150Hallel, Hallelujah!