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  • From the Dust You Shall Raise Us Up

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    I had an unfortunate opportunity to reflect on mortality when my friend Christina Mandang was hit by a car. Her sudden and senseless death at the age of 38 reminded me once again how fleeting our lives are. It is truly ashes to ashes and dust to dust, with precious little time in between. The good news is that the God who breathed life into dust to create Adam and who resurrected Jesus from the grave is the same God who has promised to raise us from death to eternal life.

  • Psalm 143: O Lord, Hear My Prayer

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    One doesn’t usually associate jazz with responsorial Psalms. But as you can hear, this song has everything a good responsorial Psalm needs: a quickly learnable refrain, verses that can expand or contract to match the length of the text, and clear harmonic movement to support the chant. Give it a try!

Showing all 2 results