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2020 Calvin Worship Symposium

The annual Calvin Worship Symposium kicks off on January 30 and it is shaping up to be a fun year for me. On Thursday I’ll lead my yearly songwriters’ workshop; this year I’m joined by Wendell Kimbrough, Swee Hong Lim, and Kate Williams. Friday and Saturday morning’s worship will feature a new song I wrote with Wendell, after which the plenary will begin with my arrangement of “Anta Anthemon” from Lebanon. Fri/Sat afternoon Bob Keeley and I will give a workshop entitled, “Everything I Know about Worship Bands I Learned from The Beatles” which is guaranteed to be interesting. Friday night I’ll play string bass with the Aeolians; their director, Jason Max Ferdinand, will lead the congregation in singing my new arrangement of “Children of the Heavenly Father” in the closing service Saturday. And, of course, worship symposium wouldn’t be complete without a St. Sinner Orchestra concert at Schmohz, Thursday at 9pm. If you’re attending, please say hi!

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