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Wheaton’s Worship Arts Certificate

I stumbled upon Amy Langmaack’s favorable review of Essential Worship recently: I loved what she said about its accessibility: “While the subtitle of this book is “a handbook for leaders,” I found it highly approachable for anyone.” Meanwhile, I learned that The Art of Worship is being used in the curriculum at Wheaton College. Also at Wheaton College is this interesting article on contemporary worship that quotes an article I wrote. And finally, the Liturgy Letter blog links to Essential Worship and an article I had forgotten writing called “The Four-Fold Pattern of Worship.” It’s nice to know that some of the things I’ve written are being used.

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New Chapter on P&W!

I’m honored to have my entry “Contemporary Praise and Worship Music” included in volume three of Hymns and Hymnody: Historical and Theological Introductions. This picks up where the chapter in Hawn’s New Songs of Celebration Render left off, including an examination of “prophetic” worship, a la Bethel Music.

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Welcome to the New

We are rebuilding from the ground up.  Much of what you are looking for will soon be found on these pages. 

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