Blessed Be!


The words of Zechariah take on a gospel flavor in this new setting of Luke 1:67-79. Performances can be scaled from an a cappella rendition to a full blown band version which includes rollicking piano, hip hop drum set, sizzling horns (trumpet, alto sax and trombone), and funky bass. For those of you who are more adventurous, it even includes the optional “Blessed Be Rap.” A sure way to get your Advent or Christmas concert smokin’!

Solo, SATB and Piano; opt. brass and rhythm section
words and music by Greg Scheer
text based on Luke 1:67-79
copyright 1995
CCLI #7161177
OneLicense #105748

Blessed be the Lord God of Israel;
for He has visited and He has redeemed His people,
and He has raised up a horn of salvation
for us in the house of his servant David.

Salvation unto His people by the remission of sins,
through the tender mercy of our God
as He spoke by the mouth of His holy prophets,
which have been since the world began,

The day spring from on high has visited us,
To give light to them that sit in the darkness
and in the shadow of death,
to guide our feet into the way of peace.

“Blessed be the Lord God of Israel”
my brother Zechariah sang, and I’m going to tell
you why He did; it was the birth of his son.
He could have named him Junior but he named him John.

John the Baptist: that’s a name you might know.
He was not the Light but he came to show
the Way, the Truth, the Life, the One.
So shout it out in the wilderness: This is God’s only Son.

You might be thinking, “Jesus! He’s just a man!”
Well, you better chill out, ’cause it’s part of the plan
that was told to us so long ago
by the holy prophets that these words spoke:

There is gonna come a time when a virgin gives birth
and that’s God’s way of bringing peace to the earth.
So look out for the boy that the virgin conceives
‘Cause He’s gonna change the world. I’m outta here. Peace.