Psalm 11: Our God Is Still on the Throne


Though a few millennia may obscure some of Psalm 11’s meaning, the theme is still relevant today: life can be scary, and sometimes even what seems reliable can crumble beneath us. Still, God is in control and watches over us. This song recasts Psalm 11’s timeless message in modern language and heartfelt Gospel-style music style.

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words and music by Greg Scheer
copyright 2023
CCLI #7213491
OneLicense #246229

1. When my heart tries to sing
in the shadow of your wings,
but my fear’s all I hear:
fly away, fly away.

And when doubt fills my soul,
feel I’m losing control,
and even friends want to know why I stay.

Our God is still on the throne.
We are not alone,
for God sees us, God hears us;
we are not alone.

From the heavens, our God reigns,
and his children see his face.
While the ones who’d do them violence
fade away, fade away.

Oh, our God is bringing justice, holiness, and love.
Our God is still on the throne.

2. When the night closes in
and the shadows grow thick,
and I don’t know what dangers await.

When the foundations I had
start to crumble where I stand.
And everything feels like sinking sand.