Psalm 133: What Wondrous Joy


This setting of Psalm 133 by Michael Morgan was included in a book celebrating the career of Emily Brink: One Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church: A Scrapbook of Worship Resources for the Worldwide Church. The grande dame of congregational song, she retired in 2014. Of course, I was happy to add a tune to Michael’s text and a contribution to Emily’s collection.

text by Michael Morgan
music by Greg Scheer
copyright 2014
CCLI #7193876
OneLicense #818

1. What wondrous joy, what great delight,
when kindred dwell as one!
Like drops of Herman’s crystal dew,
like drops of Herman’s crystal dew,
they glisten in the sun,
they glisten in the sun.

2. As precious oil on Aaron’s head
most graciously is poured,
so children in community,
so children in community
are ransomed and adored,
are ransomed and adored.

3. The blessing of the Lord extends
from Zion to the shore:
as heirs we claim God’s gifts of love
as heirs we claim God’s gifts of love
and life for evermore,
and life for evermore.