Psalm 18: I Love You, God My Lord


In addition to being quite long, Psalm 18 presents the difficulty of wide-ranging content. It starts with praise for God’s strength and a plea for help, then extols God’s retribution of enemies, provides an overly flattering assessment of the Psalmist’s own piety, takes joy in the strength God gives the Psalmist, and ends with more praise for the victory God will give.

Adam Carlill’s 20 verses do justice to the original while remaining accessible to modern ears. I added a refrain–it felt like the song needed something to break up all those verses. I could imagine a leader singing a few verses at a time and then handing it over to the congregation to sing the refrain.

This leadsheet is a free download. If you sing this song in your church please report its use to CCLI or OneLicense.

words by Adam Carlill
music by Greg Scheer
copyright February 24, 2022
CCLI #7193272
OneLicense #44229

1. I love you, God my Lord,
my stronghold and my rock,
my refuge, my eternal ward
and sturdy lock.
my ancient keep and wall,
my fortress and retreat;
I praise and call you, Lord of all,
my victory seat.

O Lord, my God,
my refuge strong,
protect me from all those
who’d do me wrong.

(For the rest of the lyrics, see Adam Carlill’s Psalms for the Common Era.)