This is my homage to shape note singing. No, I won’t stack it against the timeless tunes of Sacred Harp or Southern Harmony, but it has a certain rustic charm that may be just right for your text. It was first composed for Adam Tice’s text, “The Church of Christ Cannot Be Bound,” a rousing ode to the church’s mission outside its sanctuary walls.

This is an orphan tune, waiting to be adopted by a text to call its own. If you write your own lyrics for this melody or pair it with an existing text, please let me know how you’ve used it.

music by Greg Scheer
texts: “The Church of Christ Cannot Be Bound” by Adam Tice, “All Praise to Our Redeeming Lord” by Charles Wesley
meter: (C.M.)
copyright 2006
CCLI #5131897
OneLicense #229949