Eternal Family


My understanding of God and faith has been profoundly affected by the book Worship, Community & the Triune God of Grace by James B. Torrance. I try to pack as much of his vision-expanding Trinitarian theology as I can in the four verses of this song.

words and music by Greg Scheer
copyright 2005
CCLI #4484112
OneLicense #125254

1. We sing to the Father, Creator,
who sculpted the earth with his hands.
We sing to the loving Sustainer,
whose unceasing care
shines in all that’s fair—
from galaxy to grain of sand.

Hallelujah, to the Father, God.
Hallelujah, Jesus Christ the Son.
Holy Spirit, ever three in one—
eternal family of love.

2. We sing to Christ Jesus, Redeemer,
enfleshed that all flesh live again.
We sing for the water that’s streaming,
for the wine that’s spilled
and the bread that fills,
all shared at the banquet of friends. (Chorus)

3. We sing to the great Holy Spirit,
who comforts, empowers, inspires.
We sing of a God who is near us.
God who guides our feet,
fills our hearts with peace,
and cleanses with water and fire. (Chorus)

4. We sing to the Trinity holy,
eternally loving as one.
We sing of the love overflowing:
love that left its home,
claims us for its own,
adopts as daughters and sons. (Chorus)