This Common Meter tune was first written for the text “Thoughout These Lenten Days,” which is paired with TALLIS CANON in Sing! A New Creation. I love the Tallis tune, but it felt too static for the movement that takes place in the six verses of James Gertmenian’s text. So I wrote this sweeping melody that is reminescent of English cathedral melodies such as KING’S WESTON. One of my choir members liked the tune so much that he took to calling me “maestro” ever since he sang it. Since the tune earned me that title, I thought it would be an appropriate title for the tune as well.

This is an orphan tune, waiting to be adopted by a text to call its own. If you write lyrics for this melody or pair it with an existing text, please report its use to CCLI or OneLicense and let me know how you’ve used it.

music by Greg Scheer
text: “Throughout These Lenten Days and Nights” by James Gertmenian
copyright 2009
CCLI #7198337
OneLicense #229958