Psalm 78: People Of The Lord


Who would have thought that a Genevan Psalter-style setting of Psalm 78 in 7/8 time would become my biggest hit? After it won the Calvin09 hymn contest, the song was translated into a half dozen languages and sung from Switzerland to Brazil. It is included in a number hymnals, including the Presbyterian Glory to God and CRC/RCA Lift Up Your Hearts. Your church can get in on the fun, too, by downloading the music here at

Read the whole story of the song here: People of the Lord

words and music by Greg Scheer
from Psalm 78:1-7
copyright 2006
CCLI #4770084
OneLicense #125289

1. People of the Lord
listen to my voice
Hear the ancient words
Once again rejoice

What we have heard what we have known
Let our tongues tell our sons and daughters
The wonders of our living God
That they may join us in the chorus

2. Tell of God’s great deeds
Teach His loving law
That faith’s precious seed
in each heart may grow Chorus

3. Tell the news till each
generation knows
They in turn will teach
those yet to be born

4. May we trust in God
rest in His strong hand
Live in His strong love
follow His commands Chorus