Psalm 104: We Praise You, O Lord


My friend Doug Gay wrote this setting of Psalm 104. I wanted a tune that would act as a foil to this text, lightening rather than heightening the majesty of the words. And since Doug is Scottish, what could be better than an airy Celtic tune?

This leadsheet is a free download. If you sing this song in your church please report its use to CCLI or OneLicense.

text by Doug Gay
music by Greg Scheer
copyright June 1, 2016
CCLI #7084816
OneLicense #107056

1. We praise you O Lord, for all you have made;
your wisdom and power are richly displayed
in each living creature on creature
on sea and on land,
in all things which live by the
gifts of your hand.
The oceans around, so deep and so wide;
beneath, rolling seas are teeming with life.
We move in our ships with the winds and the tides;
Leviathan plays in the waves by our side.

2. All things look to you to give them their food;
you give and they take from all that is good.
When you hide your face they are
frightened and lost;
when your breath is gone, they return to the dust.
Your Spirit is sent, the breath of our birth;
and daily you bring new life to the earth.
Your glory lives on throughout endless days—
may you, Lord, rejoice in all you have made!

3. You look at the earth: it trembles in fear;
the mountains erupt because you are near.
Creation responds to its Maker’s great power,
your eye and your hand on its life hour by hour.
As long as I live, I’ll sing to the Lord;
while I am alive, I’ll sing praise to God.
If my words can please you then I will rejoice
to sing Alleluia, with heart and with voice!