Psalm 133: How Good and Beautiful


Psalm 133 is the quintessential ode to the unity of God’s people. I have set Psalm 133 to music three times in the past, but for the Pilgrim Psalms, I wanted to write something rougher and more muscular. Why? Because it takes a lot of work–even fighting–to achieve the kind of unity that Psalm 133 describes.

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words and music by Greg Scheer
inspired by Psalm 133
copyright September 24, 2020
CCLI #7163221
OneLicense #111582

How good and beautiful
when all God’s family lives
in precious unity.
How good it is.

1. It’s like oil flowing down,
it’s like oil flowing down.

How good and beautiful…

2. It revives like morning dew,
it revives like morning dew.

How good and beautiful…

3. It’s God’s blessing flowing down,
it’s God’s blessing flowing down.

How good and beautiful…

Oh, how good it is.
Oh, how good it is.