Psalm 150: Hallel, Hallelujah!


The exuberance and repetition in this Psalm text led me to compose a Taizé style chorus, but in a regal, rather than meditative style. You’ll notice that the song is built on a repeated 10 measure phrase. This is unusual–music is normally written in divisions of four–but the irregular phrase length keeps the repeats from feeling banal. Also keeping the song’s motion moving forward is the unresolved final chord.

This hymn is a free download. If you sing this song in your church please report its use to CCLI or OneLicense.

words and music by Greg Scheer
text based on Psalm 150
copyright February 28, 2017
CCLI #7084774
OneLicense #107083

Hallel, Hallelujah!
Hallel, Hallelujah!
Hallel, Hallelujah!
Hallelujah! Hallelujah!
Hallelujah! Amen!

Praise God all the earth;
Praise God in the sanctuary;
Praise God in the skies,
in highest heaven,
praise the name of the Lord!

Praise God for his mighty deeds;
Praise God for his acts of love;
Praise God for his greatness,
for our God’s greatness
is immeasurable.
Praise the Lord.

Praise God with the shofar.
Praise God with the lute.
Praise God with the harp.
Praise God with the dance,
with the tambourine and dance.

Praise God with string instruments.
Praise God with the organ.
Praise God with the cymbals.
Praise God with the loud clashing cymbals;
a cacophony of cymbals.