Psalm 21: The Coronation of the King


This song interprets the great king of Psalm 21 through a Christological lens. We sing of Christ, the King of kings who sits at God’s right hand with all authority on heaven and earth. The theme of crowning Jesus and celebrating his victory makes this song appropriate for Christ the King or Ascension Sunday.

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words and music by Greg Scheer
based on Psalm 21
copyright January 9, 2024
CCLI #7233129
OneLicense #59925

1. The coronation of the King
in matchless majesty
resounds throughout the earth and heaven,
and spreads from sea to sea.
The One who reveled in God’s strength
and waited on God’s grace
has now been crowned the King of kings,
a never-ending reign.

2. This King has known his people’s pain,
the rage of enemies.
Though humbled for a time, he rose
to claim the victory.
Your people sing to you, our King,
exalted in God’s might.
For now you reign eternally,
enthroned with God on high.

Those who trust in God Almighty
find a love that is unfailing.