Psalms (Arrangements)

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  • Psalm 104: Oh, Rejoice in All Your Works

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    Wendell Kimbrough’s setting of Psalm 104 won the COS New Psalm Contest in 2014. Since then, I’ve arranged this song for strings, brass, and choir. These arrangements bring out a whole new majestic side to the song.

  • Psalm 121: Lift Your Eyes Up to the Mountains!

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    This arrangement makes a beautiful Korean setting of Psalm 121 available to English-speaking congregations.

  • Psalm 125: All Those Who Trust

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    Rubem Amorese and Toninho Zemuner write beautiful congregational songs in their native Portuguese. Their song on Psalm 125, “Proteçao,” is a beautiful testament to the protection that surrounds God’s people.

  • Psalm 137: By the Babylonian Rivers

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    By the Babylonian Rivers” is one of my favorite songs from Global Songs for Worship and one of my favorite Psalm settings in general. I decided that the line “Lord God, hear your lonely band” fairly demanded an instrumental interlude, so I wrote one.

    Download includes piano accompaniment, interlude, SATB harmony, and second verse harmonization.

  • Psalm 23: The King of Love (ST. COLUMBA)

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    Hands down, one of my favorite hymns is “The King of Love My Shepherd Is.” I wrote an SSA arrangement of this which found a home in the Augsburg Choirbook for Women. More recently I re-arranged it for SATB choir.

  • Psalm 31: In You, Lord, I Refuge Take

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    Wendell Kimbrough’s setting of Psalm 31 is simple, but also profound, translating the desperate prayer of the Psalm into fresh language that sings well. I have written an SATB version, a choral descant, and a flute descant.

  • Psalm 47: Clap Your Hands

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    This Yoruban folk song is published as “Psalm 47: Clap Your Hands” in both Global Songs for Worship and Psalms for All Seasons. It is surprisingly simple to sing, which isn’t always the case with African songs and arrangements.

    It is also available as an anthem for cantor, choir, flute and percussion published by GIA.

    This hymn is a free download. If you sing this song in your church,  please report its use to CCLI or OneLicense.

  • Tuhan Adalah Gembalaku/You, Lord, You Are My Shepherd of Love

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    While there are many Psalm 23 songs to choose from, this one from Indonesia has a gentle spirit that cuts right to the heart of the Psalm, helping us feel the complete trust the sheep feels for the shepherd. It makes the metaphor personal, so we can offer the words of Psalm 23 as our own prayer.

  • Wen Ti (聞笛)/Lift your eyes unto the hills

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    Wen Ti (The Flute Plays) was written in the 9th century. It describes beautiful bamboo flute music coming from a nearby home; the poet wonders who is playing the lovely tune. The flowing pentatonic melody is used here with new words for various sections of a worship service: call to worship, assurance of pardon, doxology, and benediction.

    This arrangement was commissioned for a service at the 2018 Calvin Worship Symposium. You can hear it at the following times in the video:
    11:47 Call to Worship: “Lift Your Eyes unto the Hills” (based on Psalm 121 and 124)
    21:44 Assurance of Pardon: “God Is Gracious to Forgive” (evoking Colossians 1:12-15)
    1:22:56 Doxology “To the One Who’s Shown Us Love” (from Revelation 1:4-6)

    Anthem for SATB choir and piano with optional C instrument; includes full score and C instrument part.

Showing all 9 results