Psalm 125: All Those Who Trust


Rubem Amorese and Toninho Zemuner write beautiful congregational songs in their native Portuguese. Their song on Psalm 125, “Proteçao,” is a beautiful testament to the protection that surrounds God’s people.

words by Rubem Amorese
music by Toninho Zemuner
translated and arranged by Greg Scheer
arrangement copyright 2012

1. All those who trust, trust in the Lord
shall be a people never moved.
For they will stand, stand on God’s Word,
just like Mount Zion age to age has stood.

As all around Jerusalem,
the mountains tower to the heavens,
so all around the people of the Lord
the hands of God encircle us. Amen.

2. The power of sin and death and pain
shall not prevail upon this land.
The righteousness of God shall reign,
and all shall find protection in his hand.