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  • A Mark of Grace

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    [audio mp3="https://gregscheer.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/coslc-mark_of_grace.mp3"][/audio]

    Written to accompany Neal Plantinga’s sermon on Cain and Abel (Genesis 4:1-6) at the 2010 Calvin Worship Symposium and then revamped as a choral anthem for the first Lessons & Carols reading (Genesis 3:8-15), “A Mark of Grace” tells the whole human story–creation, fall and redemption–in the form of a lyrical ballad. You could say it’s a meditative musical meta-narrative.

  • Before Your Manger, Here I Stand / Ich steh an deiner Krippen hier

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    Looking for a Christmas piece that’s a little off the beaten path? This beloved German Christmas carol has been newly translated and arranged. The choir parts are not at all difficult, and the anthem can be accompanied by piano alone. However, if you do have flute, recorder, guitar, or strings available, the music becomes absolutely exquisite.

    Anthem for SATB choir, flute, recorder, classical guitar, and strings. Download includes score and parts; purchase price allows you to print as many copies as you need for your ensemble.

  • God Moves in a Mysterious Way

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    [audio mp3="https://gregscheer.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/01/god_moves.mp3"][/audio]

    This text by William Cowper is a profound statement on faith in God’s providence: “You fearful saints fresh courage take, the clouds you so much dread are filled with mercy and shall break with blessings on your head.” This anthem builds throughout, creating a powerful musical expression of trust.

  • Holy Is the Lord/Santo Es El Señor

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    This energetic Guatemalan song first appeared in Global Songs for Worship (2010). Since then, I have created various arrangements that allow it to be led authentically in other ways. The piano accompaniment captures the rhythmic energy of the song. The choir, flute, and percussion arrangement is perfect for churches that have a flutist who likes a challenge!

  • Jesus, Be Enough

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    [audio mp3="https://gregscheer.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/11/jesus_be_enough-choir.mp3"][/audio]

    Most Christmas songs are all joy and confidence: Shepherds overwhelmed by angelic songs; Wisemen led by navigational stars. But if your life is at all like mine, those moments are rare. Instead, life is often accompanied by a soundtrack of doubt, missteps, and loss. “Jesus, Be Enough” asks the question: Is Jesus a sufficient gift even when Christmas miracles don’t occur? Will we trust God even when our prayers seem to go unanswered? It is a Christmas carol for the rest of us. [Above is a demo of the choral anthem and below is a version with guitar and cello.]

    [audio mp3="https://gregscheer.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/11/jesus_be_enough.mp3"][/audio]
  • Keur Moussa Magnificat (Mon âme exalte le Seigneur)

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    In 2019, Church of the Servant commissioned me to arrange a lovely Magnificat by Keur Moussa. The Keur Moussa community, which is something like the Taizé of Senegal, has developed its own style of singing that combines the beautiful austerity of Catholic chant with the insistent rhythms of West Africa. Trying to remain in the spirit of the original piece, this arrangement is complex, but not flashy; exciting, but still mesmerizing.

    Arrangement for SATB choir, flute, strings, guitar, mbira, shakers, dumbek, and drum set. Purchase price includes full score, all instrumental parts, and permission to make multiple copies for choir.

  • Let His Name Be Lifted Up

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    [audio mp3="https://gregscheer.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/12/let_his_name-1.mp3"][/audio]

    The verses of this song celebrate the crucifixion, burial, resurrection, and return of Christ–each being a reason to sing “Let His Name Be Lifted Up” in the chorus!

  • Maybe the Rain

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    [audio mp3="https://gregscheer.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/12/maybe_the_rain.mp3"][/audio]

    Celebrating its 20th anniversary, this song was written for Bellefield Presbyterian Church’s pianist, Jeff Stehle. The lyrics remind us that the “rain” we experience in our lives may be exactly what is needed for us to grow–an idea which took on new meaning when Jeff was diagnosed with cancer. Though he’s in remission, I’d ask that you would say a quick prayer on his behalf when you play this song-just think of it as royalties paid in prayers!

    An arrangement for solo voice and piano is published by Augsburg Fortress in With All My Heart, vol. 2 and an arrangement for SAB choir and flute appears in Augsburg Fortress collection Wade in the Water: Easy Choral Music for All Ages.

    This leadsheet is a free download. If you sing this song in your church please report its use to CCLI or OneLicense.

  • Psalm 40: Patiently

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    This meditative rendering of Psalm 40 won the 2017 Church of the Servant New Psalm Contest. You can read the whole story below.

  • Psalm 47: Clap Your Hands

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    This Yoruban folk song is published as “Psalm 47: Clap Your Hands” in both Global Songs for Worship and Psalms for All Seasons. It is surprisingly simple to sing, which isn’t always the case with African songs and arrangements.

    It is also available as an anthem for cantor, choir, flute and percussion published by GIA.

    This hymn is a free download. If you sing this song in your church,  please report its use to CCLI or OneLicense.

  • Sanna, Sannanina – flute/piccolo descant

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    “Sanna, Sannanina” is a delightful South African song that is perfect for joyous Palm Sunday processions. Here I’ve added a flute descant that is almost as rhythmic as the djembe accompaniment. The recording above is an instrumental version with flute and djembe; this descant would also work over the congregation, choir, or praise team singing the song.

    Descants for flute/piccolo. Download also includes SATB hymn with both South African and English texts.

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