A Mark of Grace


Written to accompany Neal Plantinga’s sermon on Cain and Abel (Genesis 4:1-6) at the 2010 Calvin Worship Symposium and then revamped as a choral anthem for the first Lessons & Carols reading (Genesis 3:8-15), “A Mark of Grace” tells the whole human story–creation, fall and redemption–in the form of a lyrical ballad. You could say it’s a meditative musical meta-narrative.

words and music by Greg Scheer
inspired by Genesis 4:1-6
copyright 2009
CCLI #5679012
OneLicense #2014-1

1. From the waters of creation
to the waters of the flood
flow a stream of human failure
and an ocean of God’s love

From the first sin in the garden
To the first son’s jealous rage
The whole human family follows
A legacy of sin and shame

A covering of Adam
A mark for banished Cain
A rainbow in the heavens
In God’s love there’s always been

A mark of grace, a sign of love—
the love of God in flesh
In your strong hands the curse of sin
Is turned to blessing without end.
You’ve sealed us with your mark of grace.

2. From the tree of good and evil
to the tree of Calvary
all creation was imprisoned
and was longing to be free

But no offering could free us
And no sacrifice of blood
Until God in tender mercy
Offered up his only Son

Jesus Christ, the second Adam
raised on the second tree
A sacrifice of mercy
For all humanity.

A mark of grace, a sign of love…

3. From the first light of the garden
to the endless city’s rays
God in mercy has been calling
And we’ll answer him in praise

We will praise our risen Savior
Who ascended to God’s side
We await his coming glory
When we’ll live in his pure light

We’ll sing of our Redeemer
The holy, spotless Lamb
Who holds our lives forever
Within his wounded hands

A mark of grace, a sign of love…