A Guardian’s Prayer


Linda Bonney Olin, a frequent collaborator, found her way to my Orphan Tunes page and paired her hymn text “A Guardian’s Prayer/Joseph’s Song” with my tune BLEST BE THOU. I don’t know of any other hymn that so fully explores Joseph’s role as a human father to a heaven-born Savior. Linda notes that this song would fit beautifully with the Matthew 1:18-25 reading in the lectionary on the fourth Sunday of Advent, Year A. And of course, any service exploring Joseph’s part in the Christmas story.

words by Linda Bonney Olin
music by Greg Scheer
copyright 2011
CCLI #7198341
OneLicense #229961

1. One Father in heaven, one father on earth
have waited with joy for our precious son’s birth.
Today his new life in this family will start:
not the child of my body but the child of my heart.

2. Lord, you in your infinite mercy, supplied
a woman to love and to work by my side.
Because she believed in your word, she was blessed
to give life to a savior: the babe at her breast.

3. My hands are so clumsy, so calloused and rough;
to cuddle a baby, not gentle enough.
But I’ll show him daily how deeply I care.
When our son calls my name, he will find me right there.

4. The road to this place has been painful and long.
Now I must resolve to stay faithful and strong.
The journey from here full of hardship may be,
but my God and my family are counting on me.

5. Lord, you have entrusted a treasure to me,
to guard, to provide for, to raise righteously.
A job too demanding for one simple man!
Father, help me to be the best father I can!