A New Heart, O God


This song was written to accompany a sermon on the Ten Commandments—not a passage that inspires a lot of songs! But as I researched the service, I kept thinking about the times that God promised to write the law on our hearts. Soon I was at the piano writing this little bonbon of a Gospel chorus, “A New Heart, O God.” It comes in both a “spicy” version full of jazz/gospel harmonies and a “mild” version for churches who aren’t ready for the heat.

PowerPoint slides for congregational singing are available from Digital Songs & Hymns.

words and music by Greg Scheer
inspired by Ezekiel 11:19 and 36:26, Jeremiah 32:39 and 31:33, and Hebrews 8:10
copyright March 3, 2021
CCLI #7172116
OneLicense #150613

A new heart, O God,
for this heart of stone,
and a spirit you’ve renewed.
Write your law, O God,
in my flesh and bones.
Give me a new heart,
give me a new heart,
a new heart for you.