Kwake Yesu Nasimama/Here on Jesus Christ I Will Stand


This Kenyan heartsong has already become the heartsong of many in the English-speaking world. It is available here in various forms for congregational singing. A choral anthem for SATB and piano is available from GIA.

traditional Kenyan
paraphrased and arranged by Greg Scheer
arrangement copyright 2008

1. There’s no other place I can hide
’til the storm that rages subsides.
My voice calls to God from the flood,
and I’m saved because of his blood.

Kwake Yesu nasimama,
ndiye mwamba ni salama
ndiye mwamba ni salama,
ndiye mwamba ni salama,

Here on Jesus Christ I will stand.
He’s the solid rock of my life.

He’s the solid rock of my life.
He’s the solid rock of my life.

2. It is not the work of my hands
that has washed away all my sins.
I’m redeemed, and all of my days
Jesus Christ will be my heart’s praise.

3. When my days on this earth are done,
and I stand at God’s holy throne,
my heart will not have any fear—
in Christ’s righteousness I am here.