Psalm 103: Bless the Lord, O My Soul!


Commissioned to be sung at the graduation ceremony of Western Theological Seminary, this song captures the exuberance and gratitude of Psalm 103 in an upbeat gospel style. This Psalm is traditionally sung as a thanksgiving song at the conclusion of communion–indeed, Western still uses it regularly in their chapel’s communion–but it also works well as a general song of praise of choral offertory.
Above is an MP3 of Finale playing back the choral score. Starting at 17:23 in the video below is the anthem being sung as part of Calvin University’s chapel.

Words and music by Greg Scheer
based on Psalm 103
copyright 2012
CCLI #6441634
OneLicense #2014-13

For the graduates of Western Theological Seminary

Bless the Lord, O my soul,
O bless God’s holy name.
Bless the Lord, O my soul,
with all that is in me,
all that is in me,
bless God’s holy name.

1. Who heals all of your ills
and forgives all of your sins.
Who reaches down into death
and lifts you up to life again.
Who sets a feast of covenant love,
and who satisfies with more than enough. Refrain

2. The Lord is gracious and kind
slow to anger, good to his own.
God will not always accuse,
and keeps no lasting record of wrongs.
In mercy hears the sins we confess,
then removes them as far as East is from West. Refrain

3. As a mother pities her child,
so the Father tenderly loves.
For God was there at our birth,
and he knows we are children of dust.
We flourish and fade the wind sweeps us on,
but God’s steadfast love is sure as the dawn. Refrain

4. God has established his throne over all in the heavens.
God has established a home on the earth.
So come and praise the Lord.
All you creatures, humbly adore.
All you angels, forevermore,
come and bless, oh, bless the Lord! Refrain