Psalm 33: A Symphony of Praise


Psalm 33 is a songwriter’s dream: it commands us to sing a new song, mentions a variety of instruments, and admonishes us to play skillfully. This bright, joyous song helps us do just that while also allowing us to follow the Psalmist into themes of creation, judgment, power, and trust.

This leadsheet is a free download. If you sing this song in your church please report its use to CCLI or OneLicense.

words and music by Greg Scheer
text based on Psalm 33
copyright February 26, 2017
CCLI #7084524
OneLicense #61092

Rejoice, you saints of the Lord!
Adorn yourself with God’s praise.
Lift up a joyful new song
and renew old melodies.
Let every lung, every pipe, every string
lift the lift up the song until all the world rings
with a symphony of praise.

1. God’s word crafted sea and earth,
the rivers, wind, and waves.
God breathed and the planets turned;
And still they spin in space.
But even surer than the coming dawn
Is God’s everlasting love.

Rejoice, you saints of the Lord!…

2. All earth: love and fear the Lord.
All peoples: stand in awe.
All life’s cradled in his word;
our days God only knows.
One generation waxes another wanes,
but God’s wisdom still remains.

Rejoice, you saints of the Lord!…

3. God watches from heav’n above
and sees our days and deeds.
God knows every human heart,
Our passions and beliefs.
Blessed indeed are those whose only trust
Is their God’s unending love.

Rejoice, you saints of the Lord!…

4. Rulers trust in their own strength,
But strength is never enough
God saves those who call his name
and hope in his strong love.
Even in doubt, despair, and darkest night
God is leading us to life.

Rejoice, you saints of the Lord!…

Our souls will wait for the Lord;
We give ourselves to God’s care.
Rejoice! Our hearts have a hope,
and our voices fill the air
with a symphony of praise.