Psalm 80: Restore Us, O God!


Eugene Peterson argues that we sanitize the Psalms. His Bible translation, The Message, attempted to restore some of the grittiness of the original Hebrew. If this is true in Bible translation, it’s even more true in the way we sing the Psalms–we edit out the difficult verses and sing the rest very piously. “Restore Us, O God!” has a folk music (almost Klezmer) feel that brings out the urgency of Psalm 80’s lament.


words by Naaman Wood and Greg Scheer
based on Psalm 80

music by Greg Scheer
copyright 2015
CCLI #7189070
OneLicense #107054

Oh, Shepherd lead us.
Shine forth with power.
Awake your presence,
And save your people now.

But Lord your anger,
Burns all our prayers.
You feed us weeping,
The bread of woe and tears.

Restore us, O God!
Cause Your face to shine,
Restore us, O God!
And we will be saved!

Oh Lord, you rescued
From Pharoah’s hand
a vine that flourished;
We spread and filled the land.

But now our grapes
are trampled by swine.
Our foes have crushed us,
then drunk us down like wine.

Restore us, O God!…

Oh Lord, we’re beaten;
All burned with fire.
Your people perish
At your rebuke and ire.

But give your chosen
light from your face,
Then we will never
Return to evil ways.

Restore us, O God!…