Seven Last Words: 4. Set Us Free


This fourth song of the “Seven Last Words” project has Jesus speaking perhaps the most desolate words of the Bible: “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?” (Matthew 27:46, Mark 15:34) These words uttered from the cross are actually a direct quote from Psalm 22, where we read of a Psalmist surrounded by enemies but ultimately saved from the grasp of death.

If Jesus could trust God even on the cross, certainly we can cry out for deliverance even in the middle of our pain, doubt, and despair.

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words and music by Greg Scheer
based on Matthew 27:46, Mark 15:34
copyright February 7, 2020
CCLI #7153359
OneLicense #21021

We have suffered, but have not been forsaken;
brought low, but not left alone.
We’re surrounded by darkness, despair of the night,
but not without promise of dawn.

We will trust in the Lord.
God will set us free.
For the death that surrounds us is rising to life.
You will set us free.
You will set us free.

Stay with us in our darkest night
Stay, Lord, stay. Lord, please stay by our side.