Holy, Holy, You Are Holy/Uri Uwer’Uwer’Uwera


This song sets the story of Isaiah 6 to a Rwandan melody. It gives us a picture of the angels in heaven singing, “Holy, holy, you are holy,” and the third verse reminds us of our hope to join believers from every nation with the angels in giving glory to God.

This hymn is a free download. If you sing this song in your church, please report its use to CCLI or OneLicense.

Rwandan melody, as sung by Pastor Fide’le Ntukwanumva
English words by Greg Scheer, based on Isaiah 6 and the Kinyarwandan
arranged Greg Scheer
copyright 2008
CCLI #5679036
OneLicense #2014-28

1. Heaven opened to Isaiah,
showing him God’s glorious throne.
Lord of might, high and exalted;
temple flowing with his robe.
Seraphim flew all around him,
humbled at the holy sight.
As they circled they were singing,
calling out with all their might.

“Holy, holy, you are holy,”
every angel voice proclaims.
“All the earth reflects your glory,
every tongue sings out your praise!”

2. Seraphim continue singing,
cherubim still lift their praise.
Earth and all its creatures worship,
moon and stars are still amazed.
Now above creation’s chorus
comes another fervent cry:
all of earth’s redeemed are singing,
“Glory to the Lord on high!”

3. One day heaven will be opened
and before the Savior’s throne,
saints from every time and nation
will begin their endless song:
“To our God of all salvation,
to the high and holy Lamb,
to the blessed Holy Spirit
be forever praise. Amen!”