O Holy Spirit, Come!


The verses of “O Holy Spirit, Come!” are based on “Veni Creator Spiritus,” a chant from the 10th century. I wrote a new translation of the 7 verse Latin text, created new harmonies, and added a refrain. In the end, the song spans some 11 centuries of singing to the Holy Spirit.

This song was featured in a Reformed Worship article (March 2013 No.107, p18) and on the Cardiphonia compilation CD, Pentecost Songs.

words and music by Greg Scheer
based on Latin chant, Veni Creator Spiritus
copyright 2011
CCLI #6007834
OneLicense #2014-46

1. O come, Creator Spirit, come.
Come visit us, who wait as one.
Come, satisfy our souls with grace.
Come fill these hearts that you have made.

O Holy Spirit come!
O Holy Spirit come to us!
O Holy Spirit come!
O Holy Spirit come!

2. Come, Holy Comforter divine.
Come, sacred gift of God on high.
Come, fount of life; come, blazing fire.
Come love; come Spirit to inspire.

3. Come, Promise of God’s grand design.
Come, giver of God’s gifts divine.
Come, touch our tongues that we may speak
in heavenly tones to earthly ears.

4. O come, Life-Giving Power, come.
Illuminate our minds with love.
Infuse our hearts with charity.
Renew this flesh of frailty.

5. O come, Eternal Peace, we pray.
Drive out our fear with love’s pure rays.
Come lead us on the path of truth,
and give us strength to follow you.

6. O come, Illuminator, come.
Through you may we receive the Son.
Through you may we the Father know.
Through you the God-head’s glory show.

7. Come, glory to the Father sing.
Come, chant the risen Savior’s name.
Come, praise the Holy Paraclete.
Forever blessed Trinity.