Psalm 130: From Down in the Depths


Psalm 130 ranks as one of the best-known Psalms of confession, second only to Psalm 51. Like all my Pilgrim Psalms, this song focuses on simplicity. The call and response format means the leader can “feed” new lines to the people. After singing it a few times it should be pretty easy to remember, even without music or words.

words and music by Greg Scheer
inspired by Psalm 130
copyright September 2020
CCLI #7163177

OneLicense #111578

1. From down in the depths, we cry out to you.
Lord, open your ears and listen to our voice.

2. For you know our sins, but we know your grace.
Forgive us, O God, in reverence we wait.

3. We wait for the Lord, for God is our hope.
We wait for the Lord; we know that dawn will come.

4. We hope in the Lord who saves us from sin.
We hope in God’s love to save us once again.