Psalm 145: My Mouth Will Speak the Praise of the Lord


The themes of God’s greatness, goodness, faithfulness, and righteousness in Psalm 145 are bookended by verses 1-2 and verse 21. In this musical setting, verse 21 becomes a refrain that follows two verses focused on God’s faithfulness and righteousness. Notice how the verse changes halfway through, with the lyrics switching from talking about God to praying to God. 

words and music by Greg Scheer
text based on Psalm 145:13-21
copyright February 28, 2017
CCLI #7084523
OneLicense #107076

My mouth will speak the praise of the Lord.
My tongue will bless God’s name.
All flesh shall see the goodness of God,
and blessings without end.
God has blessed us without end.

1. The Lord is gracious to all,
like a mother to her child.
God raises us when we fall
and sets us by his side.

Our eyes look up to you, Lord,
to provide our daily bread.
You satisfy our longings
when you open up your hand.

2. The Lord works justice for all.
God’s compassion knows no end.
God hears his children who call
and comes to our defense.

We wait, O Lord, surrounded
by those who’d do us harm.
Lord, in your care, unbounded,
reach down your saving arm.