Psalm 8: How Often in the Deep of Night


One would think that the Psalm 8 well had long ago run dry, but Linda Bonney Olin has written a new setting of the Psalm that is full of child-like wonder, bringing a fresh sense of awe to our hearing of the Psalm. She includes the theme of creation care in verses 2-3, a timely interpretation to be sure.

words by Linda Bonney Olin
music by Greg Scheer
copyright 2022

CCLI #7191706
OneLicense #214989

1. How often in the deep of night
have I in silence gazed
at twinklings on the edge of sight
and stood, O Lord, amazed!
Beyond the slice of universe
that mortal eyes can see,
creation vast and so diverse
shines forth in majesty.

2. So high are you, O Lord, our God,
above all humankind!
Our finite minds are overawed
by marvels you designed.
Yet you have given humans charge
of what your hands have made.
To tend your creatures small and large,
this trust on us you laid.

3. You wield supreme authority,
yet you are kind and fair.
We too, Lord, in humility,
must act with gracious care.
We honor you when we respect
all beings’ sacred worth
and, as your stewards, we protect
the glories of your earth.