Psalm 80: O Faithful Shepherd


Psalm 80’s vine imagery is connected with Jesus’ words, “I am the Vine,” giving new life to an overlooked, but beautifully singable Genevan tune.

words by Greg Scheer and David Diephouse
text based on Psalm 80

music: O PASTEUR D’ISRAEL, ESCOUTE (Genevan Psalter 1564), arr. Greg Scheer
copyright 2012
CCLI #6441861
OneLicense #2014-44

1. O faithful Shepherd of your people,
take pity now and hear our weeping.
Creator of creation’s light,
come show again your saving might.
Restore us with your life divine;
graft us into the Living Vine.

2. O God, why must we feel your anger?
How long will our prayers go unanswered?
We’ve had our fill of bitter tears,
the scorn of foes weighs down our years.
Restore us, let your glory shine.
Graft us into the Living Vine.

3. The precious vineyard that you planted
once shaded the hills with its branches.
But now it stands in disarray,
and greedy hands strip what remains.
When will we taste again your wine?
Graft us into the Living Vine.

4. O faithful Shepherd, send salvation,
the Living Vine for whom we’ve waited.
Then will our pleading turn to praise,
from grateful hearts a song we’ll raise:
“Our God is good, his glory shines,
grafts us into the Living Vine!”