Seven Last Words


During Lent 2020, Fuller Ave CRC did a series on the seven last words of Christ. Each week’s sermon was followed by a new song. These songs don’t restate the seven last words. Instead, they are true “hymns of reflection” that meditate, pray, or imagine what the Spirit might be saying to us through the scripture.
You can download a zipped file of all seven songs below or follow the links to hear, read about, and download each individual song:
These leadsheets are a free download. If you sing these songs in your church please report their use to CCLI or OneLicense.
In Fuller Avenue’s Maundy Thursday service, we gathered all seven scriptures and songs, pairing each with a short meditation. It was a compelling service, made more powerful because COVID-19 forced us to trim back to two leaders, creating an intimate sense of urgency.