Gathered, Scattered


During the COVID-19 quarantine, we all learned how much we cherished gathering for worship. We especially felt the absence of gathering around the communion table–the one thing that can’t be moved to an online forum.

And yet, the Body of Christ has always been both gathered and scattered. We are scattered all over the globe and too often fractured by disagreements, but we also know a common bond in Christ that transcends all boundaries–the mystical “communion of saints.” This is a song of communion and unity that looks forward to the time when people from every tribe, language, people, and nation will gather as one at the throne of God.

If you’re holding online services, feel free to play the video or sing along to the lyric video.

PowerPoint slides for congregational singing are available from Digital Songs & Hymns.

words and music by Greg Scheer
copyright April 2020

1. Gathered, scattered, the family of God,
Shoulder to shoulder or miles apart.
Gathered or scattered, we still share a bond:
Brothers and sisters related by blood.
The gathered, scattered family of God.

2. Seed, once scattered, has now become ripe.
Fields that lay fallow have grown to full height.
Grain that is gathered forms one bread of life.
All of us feast at the table of Christ.
The gathered, scattered family of God.

3. Branches rise from one vine in the ground.
Bunches of sweet grapes grow plump in the sun.
So many grapes, but the wine it is one;
All of us different, but share the same cup.
The gathered, scattered family of God.

4. Wanderers, strangers have become one.
Weary and burdened, have heard the same call.
Sisters and brothers, adopted in love;
One in the Father, the Spirit, and Son.
The gathered, scattered family of God.