Psalm 107: Thanks Be to God Our Savior


David Diephouse’s metrical setting of Psalm 107 is paired with a guitar-friendly tune that supports the stress/salvation pattern of the text with a major/minor harmonic sequence. The above MP3 is the Choral Scholars singing the piano accompaniment version. Below is the COS Guitarchestra in a rendition that would be perfect if there were ever an album The Eagles Sing the Psalms. This song also appears in Psalms for All Seasons, 107D.

words by David Diephouse, copyright 1985
music by Greg Scheer
copyright 2007
CCLI #6443429
OneLicense #128555

1. “Thanks be to God our Savior,”
let his redeemed ones say.
“He shows us boundless favor;
his love is sure each day.
From earth’s remotest lands
a chosen folk he raises,
ransomed from tyrants’ hands;
join now to sound his praises.

2. Strangers without a city,
some roamed the wilderness,
finding no food or pity,
no hope in their distress.
Then, when they sought God’s name,
He made their pathways flourish.
Bless him, his love proclaim:
the hungry he will nourish.

Some groaned in bitter anguish,
foes of the Most High’s claims,
helpless, condemned to languish,
captives in iron chains.
Then, when they sought God’s name,
he loosened all their fetters.
Bless him, his love proclaim:
the prison bars he shatters.

4. Slaves to profane ambition,
by evil led astray,
some learned to know affliction,
suffered, and pined away.
Then, when they sought God’s name,
he brought them restoration.
Bless him, his love proclaim:
bring thanks and adoration.

5. Storms thundered forth his power
to those who sailed the seas.
Winds lashed them hour by hour;
waves dashed them to their knees.
Then, when they sought God’s name,
he calmed the raging weather.
Bless him, his love proclaim:
where all his people gather.

6. His word brings desolation
where evil deeds abound,
but for his faithful nation
springs flow from barren ground.
He raises up the meek;
the mighty prince he plunders.
His loving-kindness seek;
consider all his wonders.