Somos uno en Cristo/We’re One People


This Latin American corito is based on Ephesians 4:4-6, which speaks of the unity of the Body of Christ. With a brand new arrangement and fresh translation, this will quickly become a heart song.

Latin American corito
translated and arranged by Greg Scheer
copyright July 16, 2020

Somos uno en Cristo, somos uno,
somos uno, uno sólo. (2x)

Un solo Dios, un solo Señor,
un sola fe, una solo amor,
un solo bautismo, un solo Espíritu
y ése es el Consolador.

We’re one people when we are in Christ Jesus;
all one people in Christ Jesus. (2x)

We have one God, and only one Lord,
and we have one faith, and share one love.
Baptized in one water, and in one Spirit—
the Holy Spirit comforts us all.