Broken and Wasted


This song is based on a prayer of confession written by John Polhill from the Iona Community. It recognizes how we harm God’s creation, both through personal actions and global systems. The verses, which ask God to bless our lament and grief over how we have cared for his world, are punctuated by the prayer “Kyrie eleison”— “Lord, have mercy.”

words by Greg Scheer, adapted from a prayer by John Polhill
music by Greg Scheer
copyright August 19, 2021
CCLI #7203647
OneLicense #240872

1. Bless, bless the tear we shed
for the gifts of earth
that we have squandered. Kyrie eleison.
Bless, bless the sigh we breathe
from the lungs we fill
with air we’ve spoiled. Kyrie eleison.

2. Bless, bless the head we hang
for God’s creatures lost
or made to suffer. Kyrie eleison.
Bless, bless the hands we wring
for the things within
our care we’ve broken. Kyrie eleison.

Broken and wasted. Kyrie eleison.
O God, forgive us. Kyrie eleison.