Psalm 46: The Lord of All Is with Us


This song is something of an homage to the Reformation. It is based on the same Psalm as Luther’s great “A Mighty Fortress” and can, in fact, be sung to that hymn’s tune. My tune uses a mixed meter like many Lutheran and Reformed tunes. The 2+2+3+3 pulse makes the hymn more challenging than most. If you’re up for the challenge, use a hand drum to keep the beat steady. If you’re not up to the challenge, try my song “O Lord of All, You Are Our Home,” which uses the same text set to a simpler tune.

words and music by Greg Scheer
text based on Psalm 46
copyright February 24, 2017
CCLI #7173673
OneLicense #105754

1. O, Lord of all, you are our home,
our strength, and our sure refuge;
our only hope in fiercest storm
to whom we run for rescue.

The ground beneath our feet
may slip into the sea,
but still we will not fear;
in you we rest secure.
The Lord of all is with us.

2. A river flowing from God’s throne
brings life, and joy, and healing.
God’s splendor, shining like the sun,
gives light to all the people.

For though the nations roar,
soon comes a glorious morn.
Our God will come and dwell
as our Emmanuel:
The Lord of all is with us.

3. Come see the marvels God has done.
Behold with awe and wonder.
Hear how the battle’s deaf’ning sound
falls silent at God’s thunder:

“I AM your God, be still.”
Let all the nations kneel.
Exalt the Lord of all,
your refuge, strength, and home.
The Lord of all is with us.